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Feel Free to Love, Live, Enjoy, Laugh,
Speak your Truth and Express Yourself!

An Inner Freedom Consultation can remove 
any negative beliefs or thought patterns 
keeping you from living authentically 
or reaching your full potential.

One or more 45 minute sessions may be recommended for complete effectiveness.

  Inner Freedom Coaching integrates application
 of the 
Emotional Management Training, a new scientifically proven
 coaching technique, that
consists of a set of coaching instructions,
designed to stimulate the four parts of the brain related to
 thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition simultaneously
and create new neural pathways between
the right and the left hemispheres of the brain.

An Inner Freedom Consultation can:

- help you feel better about yourself;
- and be more successful at relationships;

- get clear on what you want to manifest;
- make remarkable improvements in your emotional health;
- swiftly release fear, anger, irritation, resentment, guilt;
- help you let go of stress, uncertainty, doubt and depression;
- and find calm, confidence and self assurance;
 - enhances your ability to deal with the stress of everyday;
- it can heighten your mental acuity and creativity;
- restore your work-life balance and equanimity.

It's that easy.

The Emotional Management Training was invented by Patrick and Kasia Wezowski in Europe and recently introduced in the USA. As I was so impressed with its effectiveness for myself as a recipient, I am totally excited about being now one of the first
life coaches in the USA to be certified to apply this revolutionary healing coaching technique. For more background information Click here

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 Inner Freedom Consultation 

What others say:

If you have an issue you are struggling with, please stop and call Christina instead for an Inner Freedom consultation. You will not regret it. This method  is genius and very powerful. I can really recommend it. It was life-changing. Christina is gentle, understanding, loving and non-judgmental and makes you feel safe. In just one session you can let go of problems or obstructions you have struggled with for years.

                        Sonja, Calistoga, CA

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