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Afraid to have a difficult conversation?
The Relationship Lift helps
you get on the same page in no time

If you want to

Be able to bring up the difficult stuff 
and keep the peace at the same time;
Encourage each other to be your best and most authentic self;
Feel unconditionally loved, accepted and respected;
Share the dance of daily life in harmony and joyful connection
Communicate with each other with grace and ease.
Deepen your intimacy and open your heart to vulnerability

But instead:

 You feel unloved or misunderstood or not accepted as you are;
You are afraid to have a real conversation
 because your partner isn’t listening;
It is hard for you to trust the other 
to be sensitive to what you need;
There is a feeling of disconnect when you are together;
You are often walking on eggshells or step on each other’s toes;
You do not know what you want or you usually go with the other person’s program.

The Relationship Lift

will take off the edge of a difficult conversation
 and get you on the same page in no time

Available as group workshop or private coaching program
Ask me for a free consultation

The Building True Intimacy Coaching Program - Eight Focused Relationship Coaching Sessions for Committed Couples

Communicate more positively & effectively as a couple
How often do we try to get our partner to change by complaining and reacting? And did it ever really work? Imagine coming from a place of appreciation for each other and getting on the same page for working it out. Learn how to welcome and navigate conflicts together as an opportunity to deepen your connection and improve your relationship

Create a common vision for your life together Sometimes the flow of life takes over when we forget to step out for a moment to set goals for our life. Especially when you are going through big changes, it can be important to create a common vision that allows you to grow into your fullest potential, both as individuals and as a couple.

Step away from the 'blaming game' It can happen so easily that we blame things on the other. Gaining insight in how you participate in what shows up can change your life. Feel empowered to change your circumstance by taking responsibility for it. Discover how praise and seeing your partners' positive sides works miracles.

Learn to appreciate and manage the differences in personality
Sometimes the very thing that attracted us to our partner in the beginning can end up being a source of irritation or conflict. Under-standing at a deeper level why you chose to be together and appreciating the differences, can be a great opportunity for healing and personal growth for each of you.

Prepare consciously for commitment

Being busy making wedding plans can get in the way of consciously envisioning married daily life together. Sitting down to see whether your expectations for the future line up, and how you can build in tools for keeping your relationship clear of emotional clutter can be good preparation for a lively and stable marriage.

Build trust and integrity Acting true to your word and being reliable are key ingredients for building trust in any relationship especially when it has been broken by betrayal. If and when you are ready to rekindle your connection beyond the hurt of betrayal, this process can be served by working with a relationship coach.

Rekindle your love and intimacy Once the 'honeymoon fase' is over, ordinary life sets in and work stress, raising children, can easily interfere with the quality of sex life and well-being. Before you know it you spend your "free" time being busy or exhausted instead of spending time as lovers in the bedroom. Discover special rituals for sensual connection.

Find support to grow and evolve consciously as a couple
Getting  help can make a difference, when you want to bring more bliss and ecstasy into your life, deepen your spiritual connection, expand your tools for communication, outgrow limiting patterning, and learn to be more steadily and unconditionally loving with each other.


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